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Reporting Abuse

Adult safeguarding procedure - reporting abuse

Anyone can raise concerns regarding possible abuse

Anyone can come across situations where they think someone may be being ill treated or abused and they should report their concerns.

If you believe or suspect an adult at risk (due to mental health, learning disability, physical disability or frailty) is being abused, it is vital you alert the authorities as soon as possible.

  • 0161 631 4777 during normal working hours
  • 0161 794 8888 outside these times.
  • 999 in an emergency or where you believe a serious criminal act has taken place.

If you are unclear what abuse is, look at the examples on the Salford City Council website.  

  • Tell the call handler if you think it might be adult abuse
  • Take any action you can to secure any possible evidence for police examination
  • Make sure the individual or yourself are safe - do not put  yourself in danger
  • If the individual is injured seek immediate medical treatment.  Tell the ambulance personnel or Accident and Emergency staff that this is a potential adult abuse situation.

The council has published guidance for relatives on safeguarding in Care Homes and guidance for adults at risk on what abuse is and what to do about it.

Reports can be made anonymously; we prefer it if you do give us your name and telephone number, not least as we may want to get back to you for more information or to clarify something; but we would rather hear from you anonymously about something you are genuinely concerned about than not to hear at all.

Giving as much information as possible about the situation /person you are concerned about helps the authorities to assess the level of risk and the best way of addressing any abuse. If you know what the person who you believe is being abused wants to happen that is also very useful information. However the most important thing to do if you have concerns is just to let us know so do not worry if you only have partial information

You also may have concerns about a situation that does not amount to abuse but if not addressed could eventually constitute neglect. The leaflet Help keeping your relative safe gives helpful advice to relatives about how to address matters constructively where they have concerns about a relative living in a care home.  



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