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Bereavement Support

The death of a loved one can be devastating. Bereavement affects people in different ways. There is no right or wrong way to feel.

You might feel a lot of emotions at once, or feel you are having a good day, then you wake up and feel worse again.

Experts generally accept there are four stages of bereavement:

  • accepting that your loss is real
  • experiencing the pain of grief
  • adjusting to life without the person who has died
  • putting less emotional energy into grieving and putting it into something new – in other words, moving on.

You will probably go through all these stages, but you won’t necessarily move smoothly from one to the next. Your grief might feel chaotic and out of control, but these feelings will eventually become less intense.

Talking and sharing your feelings with someone can help. Don’t go through this alone. For some people, relying on family and friends is the best way to cope.

If you don’t feel you can talk to them much – perhaps you aren’t close, or they’re grieving, too – you should contact your local bereavement services.

A bereavement counsellor can give you the time and space to talk about your feelings, including the person who has died, your relationships, family, work, fears and the future. You can have access to a bereavement counsellor at any time, even if the person you lost died a long time ago.

Further sources of information, advice, and support for children and adults regarding emotional well-being and mental health are outlined below.

Greater Manchester Bereavement Service

Telephone number - 0161 983 0902


Telephone number - 0808 808 1677

Samaritans offer 24 hour confidential listening and support for anyone who needs it – call 116 123 or visit their website at

Step by Step is a Samaritans service that provides practical support and guidance to help school and college communities recover from a suspected or attempted suicide – visit their website at more information

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