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Preventing Abuse

People who are at risk of being abused are often people with poor health or enduring long-term health conditions; people who have become increasingly socially isolated; people who do not feel part of their local community. There are therefore three main strands of local policy that greatly contribute to the prevention of adult abuse.


Being fit and well means people are better placed to ensure their personal safety. The Health Improvement Service has a crucial role in promoting the health of vulnerable adults. The service encourages people to participate in community activities that provide social support and improve personal well-being and safety.

Health campaigns are delivered across the city to protect population health and well-being these include:

  • flu campaign
  • cancer awareness
  • cardio-vascular diseases awareness

Healthy lifestyle programmes are delivered in communities to enable participants to adopt healthier lifestyles:

  • stop smoking support
  • healthy eating advice
  • alcohol management and emotional well-being

Salford Health and Well-being Board has pledged to work to reduce health inequalities and target investment to protect the most vulnerable people in communities and people living in deprived communities.

Salford is committed to people being healthy in relation to diet, physical activity, stop smoking, sexual health and mental health. Ensuring that the care environment supports the physical, social and emotional well-being of patients.

The more socially isolated people become the greater they are at risk from adult abuse from others. Salford's Community Plan sets out to 'close the inequalities gap in Salford' - this is important to those people who are often discriminated against by age or disability as well as those discriminated against on grounds of race, religion etc.

Community safety

People who feel safe in their homes and community are more likely to feel in control of their lives and take positive steps to ensure their personal safety. Door step crime; distraction burglaries; rogue traders all affect the vulnerable members of communities and this includes the people covered by adult safeguarding work. Local initiatives such as the 'Knock, Knock' campaign, give citizens information, knowledge and skills to live safer lives and limit the risks they take. This is essential information especially to people who need to access health and social care services.

Victims of adult abuse, where there may be criminal offence involved, may need the support of the Witness Support Services who are there to support people through the criminal justice system.

Such positive actions are essential in enabling vulnerable adults to keep control over their lives especially at times when they are most at risk of losing their independence due to abuse.

All organisations working with vulnerable adults should ensure they have systems in place to proactively prevent abuse. In section 7 of 'No Secrets', the Department of Health outlines a number of good practice guidelines, which will contribute to the prevention of abuse, which include:

  • Rigorous recruitment practices (including volunteers)
  • Internal guidelines for employees
  • Training
  • Information for users, carers and the general public
  • Attention to issues relating to protection of vulnerable adults in Direct Payment arrangements
  • Commissioning of services

Contract monitoring processes are in place which must include adult safeguarding issues.  All providers who have a contract with Salford City Council, Salford CCG, Greater Manchester Mental Health (GMMH) and Salford Royal Hospitals Trust (SRFT) are expected to adhere to this policy.

If there are any problems implementing this policy this should be reported to the relevant commissioning team. Salford City Council's provider requirements in respect of adult safeguarding is attached at the bottom of this page for reference. The CCG has similar requirements in their contracts.

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