Prisoners and adult safeguarding

Prisons are responsible for the safeguarding of any prisoners/all adults including those who meet the criteria of being "adults at risk” within the prison. Any allegation of abuse within a prison received by any agencies external to the prison be reported to the prison governor and should involve the police.

Prisons strategically are encouraged to link into adult safeguarding boards to develop understanding of adult safeguarding practice and in order to access support and advice should this be required

Care Act guidance states:

  • 61 Local authority and care provider staff must understand what to do where they have a concern about abuse and neglect of an adult in custody. The prison must ensure that it has clear safeguarding policies and procedures that are explained to all visiting staff. Prison and probation staff may approach the local authority for advice and assistance in individual cases although the local authority will not have the legal duty to lead enquiries in any custodial setting.
  • 62 Local authorities should consider inviting prison and probation staff to be members of Safeguarding Adult Boards. The inclusion of prison and probation staff on safeguarding adult boards should be agreed with all statutory board members. The Safeguarding Adult Board can act as a forum for members to exchange advice and expertise to assist prison and probation staff in ensuring that all people in custodial settings are safeguarded. PSI 16/2015 Adult Safeguarding in Prisons contains guidance for prison governors on engaging with local Adult Safeguarding Boards.

There is also a local contract with the only prison Forest Bank situated within Salford's boundaries. This states in Section 5. Safeguarding Vulnerable People.

  • 1 The Provider shall ensure the service is delivered in accordance with the mandatory actions contained within the National Offender Management Service, Adult Safeguarding in Prison Policy.

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