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Extremism, Prevent and Channel

What is Prevent?

Some adults may be more susceptible to being groomed and recruited into extremism or terrorism. Prevent is the Government's strategy to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism in all it's forms.  Prevent takes and early intervention approach and encourages individuals and communities to challenge extremist and terrorist ideology and behaviour.  

What is Channel?

Channel is a multi-agency panel designed to safeguarding vulnerable victims from being drawn into extremist or terrorist behaviour as part of an early intervention approach. It is a voluntary process and the individual can withdraw from the programme at any time.  

Channel is for individuals of any age who are at risk of exploitation by extremist or terrorist ideologies.

For more information about Prevent and Channel or referring someone for support, please refer to What is Prevent page on Salford Council website.

If you are a member of the public or a professional and would like to learn more about Prevent you can access the Prevent page on the Greater Manchester Police website.

PREVENT - Greater Manchester Police website

More information about counter terrorism policing and spotting the warning signs can be accessed via this site

ACT Early - Prevent radicalisation

ACT have produced this video to help identify the early warning signs of radicalisation

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