Inter-authority safeguarding enquiries

Occasionally, people will be accessing services such as specialist supported accommodation in another local authority area.  As the 'placing' authority is usually funding the accommodation / service, the person remains the responsibility of the 'placing' local authority.

ADASS (the Association of Directors of Social Services) have produced a protocol for setting out responsibilities of the host and placing authority where safeguarding concerns emerge in such situations. This protocol has been adopted by all local authorities.

The protocol broadly covers the following areas:

  • The host authority, where the abuse occurs, has responsibility for managing the safeguarding processes.
  • The host authority may need to take immediate action to make the individual safe, including making early contact with the police if a criminal offence may have been committed.
  • The host authority will be responsible for the initial information gathering and notification to the placing authority.
  • The placing authority of the individual who has been abused will co-operate as fully as they can with the investigation process. Distance has an effect here:
    • Greater Manchester authorities will easily be able to share in the investigations but will rely on local knowledge and systems being triggered by the host authority.
    • Devon for example may find this more difficult and local services might be required to do most of the work.
  • Locally, the case will be managed by the safeguarding chair. They may allocate the case to a worker to liaise with the placing authority services and the local service provider.
  • Issues of dispute can be referred to the Adult Safeguarding Unit who will liaise with their counterparts in the placing authority.

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