Understanding the person's experience of the process

Feedback from the adult about their experience of the safeguarding process

It is important that adults or their representatives have the opportunity to comment on how they felt they were treated throughout the safeguarding process and for example whether they were listened to, treated with respect, kept informed, invited to attend any meetings about them if they wanted this etc.

All section 42 enquiries should include a record of these views taken from the adult at the point the safeguarding process is finishing and alongside asking whether their outcomes were achieved and whether they feel safer. This information can then be aggregated to see if there are any recurrent issues that adults are identifying so that consideration can be given to changing the process or enhancing awareness or these for example in section 42 officer training.

In order to ensure this information is collected routinely by section 42 officers a new feedback section number 9.2 was added to the adult safeguarding document  in 2018.

It is acknowledged that adult’s responses to the feedback questions could be influenced by the fact that they are being asked by the lead person conducting the enquiries although it should be emphasised the feedback is about the full process rather than any individual and also includes feedback about the involvement of partner organisations such as the police and NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care.

There are therefore other added options available for adults or their representatives to feedback as well as speaking with the section 42 officer. When asking for feedback the section 42 officer should let the adult/their representative know that they can also provide more detailed feedback anonymously via either an online or paper questionnaire that can be posted to them.

Another option which some adults may really benefit from is telling their story in person to a member of the health and social care engagement team. This option gives particularly good insights and is really valuable both for identifying what the process gets right and what it could improve on.

To arrange for a paper questionnaire to go to out, section 42 officers should email  lindsey.brook@nhs.net or amanda.rafferty@nhs.net with the name address and the questionnaire will be posted out with a stamped addressed envelope to return

Arranging a face to face meeting involves completion of a very brief referral form to be sent to either of the above emails see downloadable document below.

There is also an information sheet for service users which section 42 officers will find helpful to give to the adult to support their explanation as to why feedback is so valued and what the options are.


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