Salford City Partnership

Safeguarding Adults board sub groups

The SSAB has a number of sub groups to enable it to carry out its work and achieve the priorities outlined in the strategy and action plan.

Please see the sub group chart for an overview of the sub groups and reporting structure. 

Impact and Implementation Network

This sub group has responsibility for overseeing and implementing the action plan of the board.  It is made up of representatives from a range of partner agencies.

The group also forms task and finish groups to conduct set pieces of work such as policy review or addressing a specific area of practice such as self neglect.

Performance and Quality Sub group

The purpose of the Performance and Quality sub group is to hold partners to account and gain assurance of the effectiveness of their safeguarding arrangements. The group evaluates the effectiveness of the inter-agency safeguarding processes for Safeguarding adults at risk in Salford. 

The group also looks at data on safeguarding notifications to understand the prevalence oabuse and neglect locally. The group has developed a dashboard that is reviewed before each meeting to consider changes in trends of reporting or addressing safeguarding adults issues in Salford. 

Safeguarding Adults and Children's training sub group

Multi-agency training is overseen by a shared sub group across the Adults and Children's Safeguarding Boards.

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