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What is safeguarding?

Safeguarding adults refers to the protection of individuals from abuse or neglect.

All adults aged 18 years and over should be able to live free from fear and harm and have their rights and choices respected.

There are different ways in which people can be harmed or abused. For example:

Physical Abuse – where someone is hit, kicked, pushed or made to suffer any kind of physical harm. 

Sexual Abuse – where someone touches your body without you saying that it is OK, or where someone makes you take part in, or watch sexual acts that you don’t want to, or make you feel uncomfortable.

Financial Abuse – where someone takes your money, property or other things that belong to you, or makes you sign for things like loans that you don’t want or don’t understand.

Emotional Abuse – where someone shouts at you, says nasty things about you, threatens you or makes you feel scared.

Neglect – where someone who should look after you doesn’t do what they should and leaves you without the care and support you need. The person who should look after you might be a friend or family member or a paid carer.

These things are not okay and if you are experiencing any of them or know someone who is it is important you seek help or advice. 

If you or the person you are concerned about is:

  • aged 18 or over
  • in need of, or may need, health and social care support (whether or not they are receiving these services)
  • being abused or at risk of abuse from another person

Then you should consider making a safeguarding adult referral. You can make the referral by contacting: 0161 631 4777

If you are not sure if they meet this criteria you can contact the safeguarding team on 0161 631 4777 and speak to them about your concerns.

To report a Safeguarding concern

If you suspect a person is at immediate risk of harm you need to call 999 and speak to the Police. All calls concerning worries about vulnerable adults are treated seriously. If a crime has been committed but the person is not in imminent danger, ring 101.

To make an emergency call if you have a hearing impairment, please see the emergencysms website.

To report a non-urgent concern contact:

Salford Adult Social Care

Between 8.30am and 4.30pm from Monday to Friday:

  • Telephone: 0161 631 4777
  • Email:
  • Text: 07970 134894

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