SAR Patrick 2021

Patrick was a White / British 52-year old male.  Prior to his death, he had been experiencing homelessness and he died in temporary accommodation in May 2020.  

He had a significant history of substance misuse and was on methadone.  He also had a diagnosis of mental and behavioural disorder due to his substance misuse / dependency. He had a number of long-term complex health conditions, including severe problems with his legs; he was due to have a leg amputation.  

Patrick had two spells in hospital prior to his death, one in Salford after contracting Covid-19 during the pandemic. He was discharged into temporary accommodation in Manchester.  Patrick then attended A&E and was admitted to hospital in Manchester for a few weeks before being discharged back to his temporary accommodation.  

Patrick remained unwell and was still thought to be suffering the effects of Covid-19.  Patrick was found deceased in the temporary accommodation by the Probation Officer a few days later.   

Review Themes include:

  • Homelessness
  • Substance misuse
  • Safeguarding Duty (Care Act 2014, Section 42 Duty of Enquiry)
  • Recognising signs of Self-Neglect
  • Working Together


Discretionary SAR Report for Patrick



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